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A Pre-meshmarketing Thank You

As we drive toward meshmarketingon Nov. 7, I wanted to say “Thank you” to everyone involved. First, I’d like to thank our speakers for participating and offering their digital marketing insight. We’re lucky to have out-of-town speakers such as Peep Laja and Jay Baer, as well as a strong contingent of local talent – people such…

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Four Ways to Stay Focused at a Conference

When you speak at a conference, it’s always interesting to see how people in the audience are actually paying attention…and I mean paying complete attention. Many people are checking email, doing work, updating social media profiles, writing blog posts or chatting with the person beside them. There’s no rule about doing something other than listening…

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Carving Out the Time for meshmarketing

Everyone feels time-strapped these days; lots of work to do but only so many hours in the day. It can make it a challenge to spend all day at a conference rather than at your desk. The thought of work not done, meetings missed and emails gone unanswered can be daunting. That said, it is…

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Goal #1 for meshmarketing: To-Do Lists

Why come to meshmarketing? Why spend a day away from work (at least physically) in a conference room with a couple of hundred people? The answer: to-do lists. At the end of the day, that’s our ultimate goal for meshmarketing. After spending a day getting digital marketing insight from a lineup of speakers who work in the trenches,…

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meshmarketing Early-Bird Tickets on Sale ’til Sept. 21

With a great lineup of speakers, meshmarketing ’12 is going to offer great insight and pragmatic advice on how do improve or change how you do digital marketing. And to make meshmarketing accessible to pretty much anyone, we’re selling early bird tickets until Sept. 21. We’re clearly biased but it’s a great deal for a full-day of content featuring leading…

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meshmarketing: New Format, New Location, Great Speakers

So here we are with the fourth edition of meshmarketing, which happens on Nov. 7. We’ve made a number of changes that we’re really excited about. This includes the move to a new venue (the Toronto Reference Library’s‎ Bram & Bluma Appel Salon), a new format (single-stream) and lower prices (early-bird tickets start at $249), which will make…

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What is mesh, Anyway?

In many respects, mesh is a fluid, ever-changing beast. As the Web evolves and moves into new directions, and as people become more knowledgeable, sophisticated and immersed in the Web, mesh shifts as well. As a conference organizer, it means there is no such thing as rinse and repeat. It would be an easy way to do…

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Sean Ellis Speaking at meshwest

We seem to be living in the midst of a startup renaissance with a flurry of entrepreneurial activity. Heck, it’s even happening Canada, including the emergence of a growing amount of seed capital to turn ideas into companies. Given all this activity, we’re thrilled to have Sean Ellis speak at meshwest. An entrepreneur, startup executive,…

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Mesh marketing 11: Klout, WestJet and three guys named Mark

Well, mesh marketing 2011 is in the can, and it was a pretty fun-filled show — the highlight for many (according to the Twitter stream) was Marcus Sheridan, also known as @thesaleslion, who joined us all the way from Virginia and preached the gospel of selling via the web in a packed presentation room at the…

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Vancouver, Here We Come!

Coming off a successful meshmarketing last week, we’re getting ready to host meshwest in Vancouver on Dec. 5 at the Salt Building. Vancouver is the third leg of our Western Canadian tour that started in Calgary in June, before hitting Edmonton in early-October. So far, it’s been a great ride with some terrific speakers and, as important,…

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