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What is mesh, Anyway?

mesh conferenceIn many respects, mesh is a fluid, ever-changing beast.

As the Web evolves and moves into new directions, and as people become more knowledgeable, sophisticated and immersed in the Web, mesh shifts as well.

As a conference organizer, it means there is no such thing as rinse and repeat. It would be an easy way to do things but the conversations and speakers wouldn’t be as relevant or thought provoking.

One of the challenges from a branding standpoint is the messaging needs to continually be updated. While mesh is about connecting, inspiring and sharing, it also embraces many different angles and needs. As we look to get a handle on what mesh is now, it struck me the best approach would be letting a few attendees step into the fray.

“mesh, in a nutshell, is all about big ideas, critical thinking, and emerging trends. It’s not often you get the opportunity to see some of the world’s best thinkers and innovators in one room. I left with not only a handful of great ideas, but with a new perspective on how things work and where we are headed in the future.”
– BV02

“[The] MESH conference in Toronto is all about ideas. Big ideas about social networks – where we are and where we’re heading. Questions too. The organizers present some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators who, over two days, share insights and challenge the audience to look at our connected world from a fresh perspective. It’s a bit like going back to university – in a good way.”
– Martin Waxman

“As the name suggests, Mesh is about connecting.”
– Financial Post

How would you describe mesh? We’re always looking for new insight so we welcome all suggestions and feedback.