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meshmarketing: A Preview

Months in the planning, meshmarketing is happening tomorrow at the Allstream Centre.

This is the third meshmarketing, which was started after people who attended the marketing stream at mesh asked for more in-depth and tactical sessions. They wanted to hear from speakers who could provide them with tangible and action-able insight and information to do their jobs better or differently.

With speakers coming from across North America, we have put together a line-up with expertise in digital marketing, content marketing, social media, mobile, data and influence discovery.

meshmarketing kicks off with a morning of thought-provoking discussions that features Stuart MacDonald in conversation with WestJet’s Greg Hounslow about the importance of community, while Mark Evans will sit down with IdeaPaint’s Marcus Wilson and Marcus Sheridan (aka The Sales Lion) about the growing focus and value of content marketing.

After lunch,’s Joe Fernandez will provide some insight into why influence and influencers have become such an intriguing, interesting and controversial part of the digital and social media marketing landscapes. Anyone who has a Klout score, particularly those who their scores drop recently after Klout adjusted its methodologies, will no doubt be interested in learning more about the influence world by Fernandez, whose company finds itself within the eye of the hurricane.

Then, meshmarketing gets down and dirty with eight interactive and hands-on sessions and workshops that will provide people with what they need and want to change how they do business. It’s a chance to hear from not only experts but people in the trenches about what’s happening, what’s over the horizon and what businesses need to do and think to stay competition amid an ever-changing landscape.

Unlike other digital marketing conferences that focus on big picture/big thought issues, meshmarketing has been created for people who do digital marketing but looking for new approaches, tools, techniques and ideas on how to do it better, smarter, faster or more successfully. As well, a key part of coming to meshmarketing is being able to network and connect with not only people within your industry but people who work in other sectors who can offer a new or different perspective.