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Thank You meshmarketing Sponsors!

A key goal for mesh has been to create a Canadian forum where people could discuss what’s next online, and how that is changing the way we live, work and play.

Our partners have let make mesh a national conversation. Yahoo! And Desjardinswere quick to lend their support to Calgary, Edmonton and our up coming Dec.5 event in Vancouver.

You would be hard-pressed to find a conference that appreciates its sponsors more then mesh so we’d like to say thank-you to those who have made this journey possible!

CIRA has been a key part of mesh. The .ca domain is like a Canadian flag that says you believe in a safe, secure and trustworthy experience.  We, at mesh, are honoured they have chosen mesh as a key way to engage the Canadian online community.

Chevrolet is another partner supporting mesh on a national level.  While we might fly to get to some of these places, we drive a Chevy! In fact, if you can’t find Mathew Ingram on November 15, it’s possible he is still circling the block in his wickedly cool Volt, courtesy of our friends at GM.

Marketwire + Sysomos is the newest partner to mesh on a national level.  Their focus on integrating traditional media and digital and social environments to drive more meaningful conversations couldn’t align better with what the core messaging at mesh is all about.

We are also very excited to welcome Entrinsic to meshmarketing, an amazing sponsor that joined us at mesh11 last May. Entrinsic is a corporate social media agency run by Eli Singer, a long-time participant in Toronto social media and unconference scene.  Eli and Entrinsic are producing Social Media Week Toronto on Feb. 13-17, 2012.

When we were in Edmonton, we partnered with MiniGroup, and we’re excited to bring them to meshmarketing. Minigroup is a private platform that lets you share the right stuff with the right people without intrusion from strangers, friends-of-friends, or search engines…all from a single account. Welcome to Toronto MiniGroup!

While the content at mesh why we sell out every year, we know, secretly, you all love the snacks and swag mesh is so well known for! Please show our sponsors some love on Nov. 15,. We can’t wait to see you all there!